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Citadelle Original Gin

Citadelle Original Gin


Triple distilled from wheat, Citadelle Gin includes 19 botanicals: “coriander from Morocco; orange peel from Mexico; cardamom and nutmeg from India; liquorice from China; cubeb pepper from Java; juniper, savoury, violet and star anise from France; fennel from the Mediterranean; iris from Italy; cinnamon from Sri Lanka; almonds and lemon rind from Spain; cassia from Indochina; angelica from Germany; grains of paradise from West Africa; and cumin from Holland.”

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The words ‘distilled with time’ mean that it takes time to make Citadelle because it is pot distilled (not column) in Charentais copper pot stills one small batch at a time – a method that imparts a smooth and creamy texture. In addition, Citadelle uses a cold infusion process to infuse each botanical into the gin, which takes a week.

The second statement on the label – ‘naked flame distillation’ –denotes that Citadelle is distilled in these Cognac pot stills over a naked flame, making it the only gin that uses this technique. Distilling gin on an open flame requires a deft touch and far more attention than a column still or steam distillation, which is otherwise used. The naked flame concentrates flavours and releases more essential oils giving Citadelle a creamier texture and bigger mouthful.

Tasting Note by MasterOfMalt.com

Clear. A range of aromas form a mesh of lemon meringue, orange zest and mineral notes with some heavier scents of spicy stewed pear. The flavour wave begins with orange pith, aniseed and coriander seed with a soft, spicy, slightly oily mouthfeel unfolding with excellent length. Sweet spirit backbone. Aftertaste of coriander seed and mineral with a delicate citrus zest fade. A full bodied and invigorating Gin that retains a sense of elegance.

Citadelle Original Dry Gin Details

Country: France
Distillery: Gabriel & Andreu
Bottler: Gabriel & Andreu
Alcohol: 44.0%
Volume: 70cl


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