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Using a base of neutral alcohol, and with the addition only of sugar and water, Cointreau produces this famous triple sec using the peel from bitter Caribbean, and sweet European oranges. These are first macerated in the alcohol before being distilled in copper stills.

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Cointreau Tasting Notes From TheCocktailGeek.com

Nose: A pleasing balance of fresh and zingy orange oil with a more waxy and sweet, almost earthy character underneath. Hints of other citrus fruits, particularly lemon and grapefruit offer complexity although the neutral spirit base remains evident.

Neat: Don’t be fooled by this liqueur being a triple sec, the palate is intensely sweet, at least on the entrance as it dries a little towards the finish. A moreishly rounded profile of predominantly orange but with hints of lemon and nutmeg spice tails off on the finish to leave a mildly cloying note of sweetened freshly juiced orange.

Cointreau Details:

Country: France
Distillery: Rémy Cointreau
Alcohol: 40%
Volume: 70cl


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