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Stolichnaya Vodka

Stolichnaya Vodka


One of the worlds true Vodka icons, Stolichnaya is pure spirit distilled from selected grain is filtered through birch charcoal and quartz sands and blended with pure water.

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Stolichnaya Vodka Tasting Notes By stoli.com:

Style: Stolichnaya is an Old World style vodka
Nose: The nose of original Stoli Vodka Sweet is orange up front giving way to toasty grain, caramel, cocoa and vanilla with subtle hints of apple and ripe pear
Palate: Alcohol forward yet balanced; a sweet underlying graininess supporting flavours of sweet vanilla, butterscotch and egg cream with orange rind
Mouth Feel: Stolichnaya Vodka has a Rich mouth feel, honeyed and full-bodied, with mild acidity
Finish: Stolichnaya has a great finish; Short to medium in length, leaving traces of citrus and bread pudding

Stolichnaya Red Label has been distilled 4 times. Generally repeated distillation will produce a purer spirit that is smoother on the palate. Repeated distillation has improved the quality of Stolichnaya as is represented by its high critic rating.

Stolichnaya Vodka Details:

Country: Russia
Distillery: Stolichnaya
Bottler: Stolichnaya
Style: Plain Vodka
Alcohol: 38%
Volume: 1000ml


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