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Tanqueray Gin No.TEN

Tanqueray Gin No.TEN


A remarkably well balanced and rounded gin.  Waxy juniper plays off nicely against the citrus-led flavour profile and, whilst this is often described as a citrussy gin, these notes are perfectly balanced with white pepper spice, floral camomile and a deep earthy tone to result in a gin that hits all the right spots.

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Tanqueray Gin No.TEN Bottling notes

Released in 2000, Tanqueray 10 takes its name from the still in which the ‘citrus heart’ is produced, Tiny 10.  Tiny 10 differs from the other Tanqueray  pot stills in that it is heated by a steam jacket.  Fresh oranges, limes, and grapefruits are used to produce the citrus heart, which then undergoes a second distillation in the Old Tom still with the addition of juniper, coriander, angelica, liquorice, camomile flowers and more limes.

Tanqueray 10 Details

Country: England
Distillery: Tanqueray
Bottler: Tanqueray
Style: London Dry Gin
Alcohol: 47.30%
Volume: 75cl


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